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Logo_1.pngEcoAmp is a free and open source Mp3 player. It's written in C# and use winmm.dll audio library to play audio files. This module contains mciSendString function witch sends a command string to an MCI device. Player is based on .Net 2.0 becouse i wish it could be run on many devices without installing anything more (more devices have .Net 2.0 than .Net 4.0), and it does not need any function from newer Framework. Main advantage of EcoAmp is its very lightweight and easy to use. "Without music, life would be a mistake." - Friedrich Nietzsche.

Features :
  • Supported audio format: .mp3
  • Possibility to add many files at once
  • Able to make play, pause, next, previous actions.
  • Show name, length and timeline of audio file
  • Volume change and mute function
  • Deactivated window is automatically minimized

Screenshots :

EcoAmp_Start.PNG EcoAmp_Playlist.PNG

How to use :

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